Running on Caffeine

December has arrived and semester one of my masters is coming to a close. There’s a mix of excitement and exhaustion in the air. The Christmas spirit is becoming infectious, but there are still a few deadlines looming before we can fully relax and be merry. 

Life as a publishing student has been filled with many emotions: joy, anxiety, and everything in between. Mostly, for the last few months I have been running on caffeine as early mornings are still proving difficult for this perpetual student and night owl. 

This semester I have learnt that publishing is truely the industry for me. Working in this book filled world is becoming less and less a distant dream as I edge ever closer to the reality of it all.  I’m ending the year and the first semester of my masters with the comforting knowledge that I have an internship waiting for me in May and the possibility of a couple more. 

Christmas will be a much needed break, but I know that semester two will be just as exciting and quite possibly just as stressful. There will certainly be a few more grey hairs by the time I graduate, but they will come with the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve chosen the right career path. 

As ever, positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. 


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